Saturday, September 20, 2014

Personal Notes On Book 2.0

I will bring a Book 2.0 (one of my Physical Digital Products) to market.

Navigation features
 Enable quick, intuitive movement between pages. Most important.
You see how many pages you are moving. You can "always" have an eye on how many pages are left on both sides. Paper book like experience.

This is the feature I miss most. I can't go back and forth quickly (say, to understand a topic better) while I am reading an E-Book as I can when I read Paper books.

Keep several pages open at once - quick movement [Example: Browser Tabs] Just tap to keep a page open.

Double Screen. Foldable. Paper book sized.

You should be able to view your progress. (Paper books - thickness on either side) (People miss while reading an EBook)

Annotation, Marking features 
Bill Gates misses this most [1].

Web as a Reference
 You mark and get a Wikipedia Article or Google search results (Choosing option - Settings). You don't have to leave the book while browsing Web (2 screens. Go back to book. Web Browser limited to a small space.)

Eye strain

+ Carry around thousands or even millions of books (a few pounds) wherever you go.

Don't focus on squeezing all the "Tablet and Media" features into your gadget. Focus only on books. If you can really design a gadget that is good enough to replace all the paper books people read - it's hugeeeeee! Students and Book lovers all over the World would thank you!
           UI completely focused on E-Book experience. Not Tablet (Android / Windows) UI         extended to e-books.

Once Book 2.0 becomes widespread, books would contain video, audio, Multimedia and most importantly, Interactive features (imagine being able to write Javascript scripts for multiple-choice questions and answers inside a book - better learning experience). 

People know my passion for books! I am staring a political movement in Bangladesh and you know what the symbol of our party (for elections) would be "Book". In our movements, people would bring their "Book"s with them. People of Bangladesh would use their own "Book"s as symbol of protest.

Tablets are mostly, media consumption devices. Gadgets that foster creation -> Tochscreen + Keyboard



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