Friday, May 16, 2014

Personal Notes On Wolfram Language

Wolfram Language
  • Symbolic Computing - symbols representing real world entities, concepts, procedures
  • Knowledge about the world built into the language
  • Data 
    • Gathered in the course of building WolframAlpha.
  • Cloud Infrastructures, Devices and their functionalities are symbolic building blocks of the language. 
  • Symbolic Computing + Knowledge & Data 
    • Knowledge, data, real world entities represented by symbols in the programming language. 
    • You can pick a symbol from a domain and apply a procedure from another domain. Everything fits together. 
  • Builds on
    • Mathematica
    • WolframAlpha
    • Natural Language Understanding
    • Wolfram Cloud 
      • Treating it as a giant active repository for symbolic lumps of computation. 
    • CDF (Computable Document Format)
  • Injection of computation into everything.


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