Monday, October 13, 2014

Current Concerns At The World Stage


  • Strong ties among Hindus and Muslims. No more communal violence. Never.
This is an issue I can contribute to. I look forward to working with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves me!) 
By appointing Mr. M J Akbar [1] as the BJP spokesperson and emphasizing the point in all of his important speeches, Mr. Modi has assured us of his sincerity.

Latin America

  • Focus - Drug Trafficking, so called "Drug Lords", Criminal groups, Gangs.
Control of drug trafficking in Latin America would bring about revolutionary changes in the American society (parts where drug criminals are prevalent) and bring down inequality in the long run.
I will work to promote Education and bring about social changes in areas where drug crime is prevalent.


  • Electricity - Taking the continent out of darkness and poverty.

I am sure Microsoft Founder Bill Gates would look into this issue.

Without adequate electricity, you can't even think of a decent life, opportunities for a better life and growing an Industrial Sector.


President Vladimir Putin likes me personally - so much so that he wishes to see me in Russia (he is well aware of my influence in South Asia and Middle East).

I would like to see him giving up his "Herculean" SuperHero efforts (!) [4] and working towards a economically strong Russia.

Russia and Eastern European countries have a long tradition of growing, nurturing and incubating talent from an early age. Mathematics, Science, Computer programming, Engineering, Chess - whichever intellectually competitive field you look at, you find that the best youth talents come from this part of the world. International Mathematical Olympiad [2] started out in Eastern Europe in 1959 and gradually spread throughout the world.

It's only because of the economic system - communism and widespread corruption - that the countries have failed to capitalize on this vast talent resource.

In the past few decades, we have seen the rise of East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) in growing world class youth talent [3].

United Nations

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon loves me! I look forward to working with him towards World Peace (Peace and stability in Middle East and North Africa are our biggest concerns).

Israel Palestine

  • A two state solution (Israel and Palestine) is what the future holds. We wish to get there as soon as possible.


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