Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Iran - Western Relation: Win-win, Non-zero Sum Outcome?

The deal is revolutionary.

Years of opposition and suspicion from both sides. 

A lot of conflicts arise between people who have closed dependent minds. They divide the world into black and white, right and wrong with nothing in between. They view their way as the only right one and others' as wrong ones. They never try to be themselves, instead following the path others have shown them without much consideration or reflection.

People in general categorize everything they see around them into different predefined categories. It helps them make quick decisions because they know what to do with a certain category. But how can we be so sure that the categories and the knowledge associated with each category, that our society and culture has taught us, is correct?

Why not think for ourselves?

In the age of globalization, in the age of open and interdependent economies, we would like to see a more connected world.

People in Iran elected moderate Rouhani as their President this year. They wanted to see change. It’s evident that President Obama wanted to see change as well.

We would like to see peaceful use of Nuclear Energy by Iran and gradual and careful withdrawal of sanctions by Westerners.

American companies should make the most of it. Win-win, Non zero-sum.

A game where a player wins 5 points and his opponent loses 5 points is zero-sum. 5+(-5) = 0. In a zero-sum game, the more a player wins, the more his opponent loses. On the other hand, in a non zero-sum game, the outcome is not zero. For example, if a player wins 5 points and his opponent wins 4 points, the overall outcome is 5 + 4 = 9. So, it’s win-win - both wins.

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