Thursday, January 23, 2014

Caretaker Government Can Show The Way Of Peace In Syria

In Syria, People belonging to the “rebels” groups who have lost their family members in the civil war, are not ready to accept Bashar Al-Assad as the President.

There are talks going on at the moment organized by UN for transition of power to a transitional government.

But the Syrian regime doesn’t want to hand over power. We have seen support towards Bashar Al-Assad’s government from both Iran and Russia.

More than 110,000 people have lost their lives. What is the point of adding more to that?

Besides, Syrian land has become a fertile ground for growth of opposing groups of militants and extremists.

If we are not cautious now, we might have to pay long term price.

Democracy has to be restored. People should be given the right to choose their own leaders and representatives and it's the responsibility of leaders to win people's hearts.

America can propose for a caretaker government to hold a free and fair election and hand over power to the winning political party.

In Bangladesh, we have seen interim caretaker government holding free and fair elections 
successfully in the years 1996, 2001 and 2008. An advisory council led by the last retired chief justice of the Supreme Court rules the country for three months and holds the election before an elected government takes over in Bangladesh.

The caretaker government could be such that

  • The chief of the caretaker government is acceptable to all the parties involved. 
  • Military and arms support from outside countries are stopped immediately. 
  • The caretaker government shows zero tolerance to extremists and militias, no matter what ideology they represent. 
  • The situation in Syria returns at least close to normal. Initiatives are taken to bring back all the refugees back to Syria. The refugee situation is causing disastrous effects in the Middle East. Humanitarian efforts are undertaken. 
  • A definite time period is determined during which the caretaker government rules. Before the time period ends, a free, fair, credible and internationally acceptable election is held. 

Iran and Russia can make sure the Syrian regime accepts the proposal.

We hope all the leaders would show more tolerance for the sake of humanity.

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