Friday, November 29, 2013

Peace in Syria

The Syrian civil war has to end. We want peace.

Iran can play a vital role. Russia and Iran can converse with the rest of Middle East and Western countries to make the Syrian government and all the different groups sit together, find a roadmap that is acceptable to everyone and end the civil war and restore peace.

As a first step, military and arms support from outside countries should be stopped immediately. More than 110,000 people have lost their lives. What is the point of adding more to that?

The veto power in the United Nations has been a major roadblock.

People belonging to the “rebels” groups who have lost their family members are not ready to accept Bashar Al-Assad as the President.

Democracy has to be restored. People should be given the right to choose their own leaders and representatives and it's the responsibility of leaders to win people's hearts.

'Massive evidence' links Syrian regime to war crimes, U.N. official says
Iran Moves to Assert Clout on Syria

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