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Notes On Sciences & Engineering [11.11.14]


Engineering is getting "cool" (or should I raise the temparature and say "Engineering is getting hot")!

If Engineering can make Aircrafts and High Speed Rails and Robots and Wearables come to life - then why shouldn't it?


One of the great things about my relationship (or friendship - whatever you say) with

Sergey Brin is that he followed me closely as I grew myself in the past 1 year (bit more than a year to be exact) or so.


I was thinking about the products I'll introduce soon from other Engineers' perspective.

And I figured out that, Engineers wouldn't dare work on many of those products, because there is nothing like those in Market. Designing and engineering those products would require an enormous amount of creativiy and original thinking.

It's easy to design a tablet. Because there are so many different kinds of tablets. And you can design your own Tablet by tweaking those existing ones.

Even designing a smart Thermostat is relatively easy - limited amount of tweaking to existing Thermostats.

But not so for something like "Smart Cooking Machine" or a "Smart Babycare Machine" - those would require an enormous amount of creativity and original thinking, an equal amount of technical expertise and product design capability.


Computer Science As A Tool For Scientific Discovery


Computer Science will play an increasingly central role in Sciences in the near future.

  • Theoretical Computer Science and Computational Thinking as tools for Scientific Models 

  • Big Data processing makes Big Sciences approachable 

  • Computing for Scientific Information Management

  • Computers as tools for Communication and Collaboration

 + Simulation of complex Systems for prediction

  • Recent advances in High Throughput Computational Materials Science

"With supercomputers and the equations of quantum mechanics, scientists are designing new materials atom by atom, before ever running an experiment" 

CS in each part in the process of science:
  • Big Data processing on experimental data for developing hypothesis, models 
  • Models from Theoretical Computer Science => Inspiration for New Models in Sciences 
  • Simulation for prediction

"New Kinds Of Sciences"

Integrating insights gained from Big Data into Social, Economic and Political Sciences.
Building new models, frameworks within the Social, Economic and Political Sciences to accommodate the newly gained insights.


Singularity [University] Community

[I would work with the "Singularity" Community for defining the vision of my venture, products and research.]

  • Ray Kurzweil 
  • Peter Diamandis 
  • Daniel Kraft 
  • Larry Page & Sergey Brin

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