Saturday, June 21, 2014

Middle East Peace Process

Crisis in Iraq

  • It is high time Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki integrated Sunnis and Kurds in his Government and ensured same level of rights as Shiite's.
  • Robbing Banks (as we have seen in Mosul by ISIS) in the name of Islam is disgraceful to Muslims all around the world.
  • Exciting and happy life for young driven Mulims lies in growing themselves, achieving both earthly and spiritual goals, not through robbing Banks and mutilating people (as the ISIS videos seem to demand).

United Stand Against Extremists
  • Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS (ISIS are like ultra-extremists, even Al Qaeda have denounced them) - Sunni Extremists
  • Hezbollah - Shiite Extremists
  • It's urgent for all countries to stop supporting the extremists - no matter what ideology they represent.
  • (Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria would have bolstered ISIS in Iraq.)
  • We would like to see Iran withdrawing support from Hezbollah.
  • And then once extremism weakens, we can all work together to restore Democracy in Syria and Iraq.
  • Votes, not guns, should be the way to power.

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